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A Bride’s Journey to Achieving the Picture Perfect Glow

facial kit for glowing skin: These herbal facials deeply nourish the skin and give it a golden glow. know What are the benefits of a facial. This four-step facial kit comes with the goodness of 24k gold leaves and extracts of papaya and horse chestnut. These herbal extracts deeply nourish the skin and give it a gold-like glow.

You must agree with us – nothing more beautiful than a bridal glow. When a bride walks down the aisle, all eyes are on her in awe of her glowing skin. Have you ever thought about all it takes to have that shining glow? It isn’t true if you think it’s a facial just a few days before it works the magic. The best facial kit for glowing skin requires multiple applications, ideally six months before the wedding. The frequency and duration depend on your skin type and particular skin problems. 

If you are the next one in line, now is the time to start working on your glowing skin for D-day. This blog will help you understand why you need a facial routine before your wedding, how you can choose the best facial kit according to your skin type, and some pre-bridal skincare tips that will be useful even for your daily glowing skin. 

What are the benefits of a facial kit for glowing skin?

Start with your facial routine six months before the wedding day for the bridal glow. This gives you sufficient time to address your skin problems and let your skin glow from within. It works in many ways to provide you with the absolute shiny skin:

  1. Smooth skin: A facial routine helps eliminate dead cells and prevents build-ups that make your skin look dull, uneven, and prone to infections and breakouts. Using an exfoliator as a part of your facial helps in cleaning your skin and locks in your natural glow to shine from within. 
  1. Brighter skin tone: The facial routine, when completed with the right steps, works on pigmentations, uneven skin tone, acne marks, and even dark circles. For the best facial kit for the wedding, look for ingredients like platinum, gold, pearl, or rose that give you a shiny look with a delicate touch. 
  1. Protects your skin: A facial not only helps give you smooth and soft skin but also helps protect your skin from pollutants and UV rays. A de-tan facial helps minimize the effects of suntan and rejuvenates your skin. It helps keep the problems of sun damage at bay, reducing early signs of ageing of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  1. Nourishes your skin: The best facial kit for the wedding day makes your skin soft and supple. Regularly using facials makes you deeply nourish your skin with the messages. The facial massages moisturize your skin, improve blood circulation, and eliminate the chances of dry and flaky skin. Well-nourished skin sets the best base for the makeup, giving you a dewy look. 
  1. Rejuvenates you: The steps of your facial repair rejuvenate your skin and make you feel relaxed. Once you apply a face mask, you get time to relax while your skin absorbs all the goodness of the face mask. Relaxed skin is the best glowing skin you need for your wedding day!

What facial kit suits my skin the best?

Once you know the benefits of indulging in a facial routine, you cannot simply overlook it. Let’s see some facial kits that will get you the perfect glow for your wedding day.

Lotus Radiant Gold Cellular Glow

This four-step facial kit comes with the goodness of 24k gold leaves and extracts of papaya and horse chestnut. These herbal extracts deeply nourish the skin and give it a gold-like shine. 

Lotus Radiant Platinum Cellular Anti-Ageing  

If your skin is sun damaged and shows premature signs of ageing, this is the best facial kit for glowing skin. It comes with platinum dust that protects the skin against free radicals and passion fruit that promotes younger and healthier-looking skin. With regular use, you can reverse the signs of ageing. 

Lotus Radiance Boost Ubtan Gold

Give your skin the benefits of the age-old recipe for glowing skin with an ubtan facial. The facial comes with extracts of natural ingredients like rose, turmeric, sandalwood, and 24k gold leaves. This is something that dadi-nani will agree with!

Pre-bridal skincare tips

Here are some secrets that will enhance your journey for radiant skin for your wedding day shh…shh:

  1. Always apply sunscreen for the daytime after you finish your facial. The skin, once cleaned, becomes more prone to suntan and sun damage when exposed to UV rays.
  2. Religiously follow your day skincare routine and night skincare routine. They relax, rejuvenate, and protect your skin from pollutants and other damage. 
  3. Take a healthy and complete diet to nourish your body and skin from the inside. Dieting won’t help you get the glow. If you plan to adopt any diet, consult a practitioner first. 
  4. Sleep is the best time for your mind to relax and the skin to repair and heal itself. Minimize the dark circles and other skin problems during the rejuvenation process that your skin undergoes while you sleep. 
  5. Last, and most importantly, reduce stress. Keep yourself stress-free with the change your life will experience; stay positive and embrace the change, keeping the focus of the unforeseen at bay. 

Explore a facial kit for glowing skin with Lotus Herbals. Our facial kits are designed using chemical-free and preservative-free extracts of natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and give it the right boost of glow and softness. 

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