about – Hair & Beauty Care Tip

about – Hair & Beauty Care Tip

about - Hair & Beauty Care Tip

about Abbas shek Hair and beauty expert

I am Abbas Sheikh, and I am from Bareilly, I am hair and beauty expert by profession and after 15 years of long experience I aim to scale heights in my field,

I usually go around the world to teach beauticians in seminars, and I also teach about hair and beauty in my academies

I teach different types of hairstyles, although I will tell about the importance of hair styling in general,

Because, I display different styles in front of them,

Welcome to A B Hair and Beauty Academy
It is known to all, all human beings have always had a passion for beauty and hairdressing, they have been changing their color or style and to do this one has to go to the beautician,

And a beautician can give people the right advice about their hairstyle and beauty,
Hair dressing is an art that can change a person’s appearance more than any other physical change.

Hair is the most easily replaceable physical feature of the human body. Manav is known as a beautiful beautician,

Cosmetologist and Beautician Hairstylist, in today’s contemporary world, it is a rewarding career,
Because hair stylist is in great demand in India and abroad,

At A B Hair and Beauty Academy, we will prepare you for the beauty industry and turn you into a hair professional,

Under the mentorship of our renowned trainers, you’ll gain technique, learn fundamental business skills and develop the confidence and creativity to succeed in the competitive beauty industry,

We provide students with an alert family cultured environment that supports the development of every student,

So that they look their best, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of every aspect of hair dressing, from the theory of the craft to practical step-by-step salon training,
We openly share our knowledge with you in a creative, fun and professional environment. We are committed to making you the best

about – Hair & Beauty Care Tip

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Hair & Beauty Care Tip